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Success Stories

Here are just some of the Immune Booster Success Stories...

Molly This is "Molly" our Wire Fox Terrier - she is 11 years old and enjoys her naps!

Molly was having trouble with her bladder for months and months until we tried Riley’s Legacy (now called Immune Booster). After one bottle, we could see a dramatic improvement, so much so that she is hardly having any "leaks" while on my knee or sleeping on the couch. We expect that things will only get better with further supplementation with your great product.

Thank you so much! This is a much better solution than giving the hormone pills from the Vet.

-- Marjorie from Edmonton, AB

Misty KittyThis is my cat "Misty Kitty". She's an 8 year old English Mist- Short haired American mixed breed I've owned since a kitten.

Since starting her on Riley's Legacy (now called Immune Booster), at the advice of a sales associate from Health Matters, her digestion has dramatically improved after the first 8 days of being on the supplement. This poor kitty lost her stomach contents every 3 days or so, on a regular basis. Since supplementing her wet food with your enzyme/amino-acid product her stomach issues have all but stopped. I am so pleased to have finally found an all natural product to help her. She's been on the supplement for about 7 weeks and I've noticed an overall improvement in her general health, a silkier coat and an increased activity level.

Thanks so much for bringing this product to market and subsequently into Misty Kitty's life. >^..^<

-- Luci from Edmonton, AB

SparkyThis is my "Sparky". He's a 10 year old Golden Retriever I rescued 9 years back. He has given me everything and as he hit the age of 10, I noticed him slowing a step or two and I decided to try something to help and give something back to him.

Just over a month ago I started him on MBF Superior Health Supplement (now called Immune Booster) and within a month I noticed his coat became luxuriously soft to the touch and it had a new shine to it!

His energy levels have picked up and once again, he's terrorizing my 4 year old Golden Retriever Connor, during our nightly games of ball!

I feel this product has given my Sparky a new lease on life!

Thank you so much for giving me my Sparky of old back!

-- Mitch from Edmonton, AB

CinderMeet Cinder, who will be 11 in April of 2010. Cinder has been one of our family since a pup and has gone everywhere with us into the mountains and X-C skiing. Her legs have probably put on miles that rival that of an elite athlete.

A year and a half ago Cinder developed a Partial Cruciate Tear complicated by arthritis. Because of her age we opted to explore acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments instead of surgery. Most had a very short term effect and because of her continued activity she would re-injure herself. She literally could barely get up and down and would move very stiffly. Often when she ran it was with a limp and her entire hind end would bounce both legs together.

In September 2009, her mobility had gotten so bad I thought I would have to put her down. I decided instead to try Riley’s Legacy (now called Immune Booster) as a last hope for better health for her. Within three weeks I saw significant differences and by six weeks when I had my vet see her she agreed that her mobility was excellent. Cinder now runs around like a two year old chasing her 7 year old son!

-- Ntala from Barrhead, AB

KylieAbout 3 months back, my 6yr old lab Kylie, started to lose her hair, not in clumps just all over. Her hair was coarse and her skin itched badly. I had also noticed that her energy level had decreased dramatically, which I was also concerned with. I took her to the vet and they put her on Vanectyl-P (antihistamine), which seemed to help reduce her itching, but her hair loss continued.

The vet suggested more testing and additional medication. I wanted to search for an alternative and natural way to treat her, and I found a product called Riley's Legacy - MBF Superior Health (now called Immune Booster). Kylie started showing changes within two weeks of being on the Supplement. It's now been a Month, and she is seriously a new dog. Her coat is full and soft to the touch, the itching has stopped completely, but it's her increased energy level that has amazed me the most. I will definitely keep her on this product and I will be putting my 2 other dogs on it as well, as a preventative measure.

Thanks for everything...... its about time that someone cared enough to put out a product like this one, into the market place!!

-- Doug from Edmonton, AB

Quincy & JazzyOur dogs Quincy and Jazzy are both 4 years old this year, 2010.  The first moment we saw Quincy he became a part of the family, and then we got Jazzy (the more the merrier). 

For years, every summer/spring Quincy would develop red, itchy sores on his entire underside.  He would scratch any way he could, even by dragging himself flat along the floor.  The scabs would last for months and nothing helped – medication, lotion, bathing, or different food. 

We came across Riley’s Legacy (now called Immune Booster) at a pet store and the manager recommended we try it to treat Quincy’s itchy and inflamed skin condition.  We were not too optimistic after everything else we tried, but after just a week of taking the supplement, almost all of his scabs healed and he did not develop more!  It was truly shocking how much his skin improved in a relatively short time.  We continued the supplement and Quincy’s skin condition disappeared.  He is a much happier and healthier dog now after being on the supplement.

Riley’s Legacy (now called Immune Booster) has improved our dog’s quality of life and we’re so thankful for that. 

Thank you, Jannet, for doing all the research and hard work that went into getting your idea off the ground and onto the shelf.

-- Pam & Sam from Edmonton, AB